• Automatic Die-cutting Machine and Stripping
  • Automatic Die-cutting Machine and Stripping
  • Automatic Die-cutting Machine and Stripping

Automatic Die-cutting Machine and Stripping

Max. paper size1060*750mm1080*780mm1100*780mm
Min. paper size400*350mm400*350mm400*350mm
Max. die-cutting size1050*730mm1070*760mm1080*760mm
The minimum size in mouth5mm5mm5mm
Max.die-cutting pressure350N/cm2350N/cm2350N/cm2
cardboard200-2000g/m2 ≤6mm200-2000g/m2 ≤6mm200-2000g/m2 ≤6mm
Corrugated paper
Max. die-cutting speed7000sheets/h7000sheets/h7000sheets/h
Max. feeding pile height1000mm(above the level)1100mm(above the level)1100mm(above the level)
Max. collecting pile height1000mm(above the level)1100mm(above the level)1100mm(above the level)
Total power13.5KW15KW17KW
Weight15T 16T16T 17T17T 18T
Dimensions5600*2170*2245 7100*2170*22455700*2170*2245 7200*2170*22455800*2170*2245 7300*2170*2245

1. Equipped with pneumatic clutch and pneumatic locking plate

2. Lead form feeding paper. The high-speed and high precision paper feeding device can transmit all kinds of corrugated paper whenever how the quality of paper is. Equipped with light-adjusted device and has suitable ability.

3. Automatic adjusting paper feeding, paper collecting and paper aligning.

4. Semi-automatic gripper type equipped the tooth row, open bite adjustable, under the help of paper, cardboard can run smoothly. Automatic suction suck about using leading edge of paper, tooth row gripper-style, curved cardboard and tissue paper can also be passed no scratches.

5. Pneumatic take samples when machine working, can check the die cutting effect at any time.

6. Dusting air guns, can effectively remove the template, and dust inside the device.

7. Automatic lubricating can add lubricating oil on the chain gear according to time, extended the working life of machine.

8. Using alarm bells agencies in warning tone when the device is turned to raise safety warning.

9. Equipped with a precision of detection (Taiwan Riko) fiber optic switch, the paper is in place to detect and avoid paper waste.


Paper feeding unit

Lead edge feeder(Under suction feeder)

1.Equipped with lead edge feeder ,it can prevent the cardboard damage by the black wheels.

2.Independent servo actuator can assure the cardboard send to right position and avoid crash on the paper

3.The big power suction fan and the adjusted wind system work for 3-9mm corrugated box.

Feeding table

1.Adjustable brush wheels and pressing wheels to ensure precise position to enter into front and side lay

2.Advance push and pull lay of registration can assure the die cutting precision

3.Rikko light front lay detection system prevent the slanting paper move in main body

4. The lifting of the brush wheel frame is controlled by cylinder. Easy to operate.


Main body

1.Adopt automatic centralized lubricating system and setting main chain lubricating system by HMI

2.Patented design shock absorption system can prolong the life of main body and increase the pressure

3.intermittent gearbox can assure the accurate registration and decrease the gripper attack


 Stripping part

1.Double action movement structure with upper and lower stripping frame facilitates die change

2.Male/female die-cutter model are available for different carton

3.Match with the centerline registration system in die-cutting area, there is a same system in the stripping section. Accurate positions can increase production efficiency.

4.Gripper front edge waste removal system for higher production efficiency.

Die-cutting part and Delivery system

1.Die-cutting chase fixed accurately by pneumatic lock system

2. Die-cutting plate is putted in and out by air floating device

3.Electric clutch system of main chain can assure the chain steady when it is stopped at high speed

4.Main chain and assist chain is lubricated periodically controlled by PLC

5.Protection window of die-cutting can hold the main body clean

6. Lightweight and durable aluminum alloy 9-piece gripper bars with chain of Remold UK ensure accurate.


Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
We usually packed this machine covered by plastic film. 
Delivery Detail:
Within 30 days after we got the deposit.

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