Automatic feeder feeding die cutting machine


The full-automatic die-cutting machine can process paper, cardboard and corrugated paper, and is suitable for die-cutting indentation of paper boxes, cartons, paper trademarks, etc. In particular, all kinds of high-end and exquisite printed materials (such as cigarette boxes, wine boxes, gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc.) can be die-cut and indented on this machine to obtain exquisite and beautiful packaging products.


This machine realizes the automation of the paper feeding, die cutting, and paper delivery processes. Use the "human-machine interface" to display the machine's working speed, the number of processed sheets, the total running time and working status of the machine; realize the dynamic monitoring of the input points, output points and various faults of the programmable controller, so as to troubleshoot and operate more convenient. The preset technical device function can stop the air pump according to the preset number, and prompt to make a mark; the electronic cam composed of the encoder and the programmable controller is accurate and reliable, and the adjustment is convenient. The frequency converter is used to control the main motor, stepless speed regulation, stable operation, low noise, and energy saving. The machine also has automatic fault detection (including detection of double sheets, empty sheets, paper accumulation, falling paper, etc.), non-stop sampling functions, and high die-cutting pressure, high registration accuracy, and multiple sensors and safety protection devices. Ensure the normal operation of the machine and the safety of personnel.


The main drive system of the machine is equipped with pneumatic clutches, and a torque limiter (safety clutch) is installed on the main sprocket shaft to avoid injury and damage to operators and equipment due to emergencies, so as to ensure personal safety and equipment safety.


The machine is equipped with many safety protection devices in the whole machine. Once a person touches or enters the area, the alarm device will automatically alarm and the equipment is in a shutdown state.

 Main parameter



Max cardboard feeding size


Min cardboard feeding  size


Max die cutting size


Max die cutting pressure


Cardboard thickness

Cardboard 0.1-2.5mm, corrugated paper ≤ 4mm

Max die cutting speed

7000 sheets/h



Total power




Paper feeding unit 

Automatic feeder feeding die-cutting machine

The improved paper feeding device makes the adjustment of the paper feeding easier and faster.

The paper feeding head with four suction and four feeds with 8 suction nozzles has strong suction force and stable paper feeding function. The suction nozzle can adjust the angle and suction air volume according to the deformation of the paper to realize the smooth conversion between thin paper and thick paper.

The main and auxiliary paper feeding mechanism realizes continuous paper feeding without stopping the machine.

Large-screen human-machine interface, PLC program control input and output points and moving platform monitoring of obstacles, fast and accurate troubleshooting, the operation is very simple.

Intermittent and lubrication

Automatic feeder feeding die-cutting machine

Use the intermittent of Taiwan's professional splitter manufacturer with large torque and high positioning accuracy. The optimized motion curve and drive angle (230°) improve the smoothness and positioning accuracy of the paper running, and it is durable. The intermittent mechanism is equipped with a torque limiter to ensure It improves the safety of the main engine chain and the machine intermittently in the case of abnormal torque.

The PLC-controlled oil storage lubrication system is used for intermittent lubrication to ensure timely and uniform lubrication.


Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
We usually packed this machine covered by plastic film. 
Delivery Detail:
Within 30 days after we got the deposit.

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