• Semi automatic PP Strapping Machine
  • Semi automatic PP Strapping Machine
  • Semi automatic PP Strapping Machine
  • Semi automatic PP Strapping Machine

Semi automatic PP Strapping Machine


1.Machine parameters:

Material type: PP strapping band.

Band size: width 5mm x thickness 0.35-0.65mm.

Band roll size: inner core 20mm x external core 420mm x width 190mm.

Power: 0.8kw/2.5kw.

Appearance size:  L1100 x W1500 x H1700mm.

                L2210 x W1750 x H1650mm.

Voltage/frequency: 220v, 110v, 380v / 50Hz, 60Hz.

Control system: Siemens PLC.

Strapping speed: 30 straps / min.

Max. strap size: L120mm x W1200mm.

Min. strap size: L300mm x W300mm.

Strapping tension: 5-30kgs.

Net weight: 400kgs/450kgs.


50 bands can be finished per minute by using single manual mode. Automatic mode or manual mode can be interchangeable easily. The machine has functions of band re-feeding In which the strapping band will be conglutinated together by being heated method without band jamming phenomenon. It is very convenient to adjust the force of bundling and packing the reel assembly and disassembly through the operation panel. It is saving big lot of costs and is very suitable for the carton-making enterprises.

Specifically for the packing and the design of the automatic packing machine, is also suitable for other kind of carton packing machine, the biggest characteristic is to  use the 5mm side band PP, greatly saves the production cost of enterprises.

The machine is equipped with power roller table, the strapping material conveying automatic transmission, automatic detection, automatic packing, also has the pressure function, the fluffy carton tied compressed bale, so that a more solid packing.

Carton finishing line used for dynamic power roller, cylinder drive, automatic four position on the carton before and after finishing, and transported to the packing machine, mechanical compact structure, perfect function, high degreed of automation, has the advantages of simple operation and maintenance , is a product of carton manufacturers preferred.

3.Machine advantages:

a.It can be used with a variety of high-speed wire pasting machine box machine, to achieve all of the packaging process automation, reduce labor costs , reduce labor intensity, faster than the general packing machine 40%-50%.

b.You can play fast, single/double/three line.

c.It effectively reduces the labor intensity.

d.The whole PLC control, precise control of strap position and two line, the structure of human design.

e.It adopts a way of hot melt adhesive tape, can work for 24 hours.


Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
We usually packed this machine covered by plastic film. 
Delivery Detail:
Within 30 days after we got the deposit.

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