High-Speed Double Pieces Folder Gluer Machine



Semi-automatic folder gluer for double pieces is a high-speed feeling, efficient and precise"performance developed by our company based on the products of domestic and foreign customers, deeply understanding and researching the manufacturing and production process, The two-piece paste box machine



1.The machine frequency conversion speed regulation, PLC centralized control, can choose two-piece single-chip production mode one-button switching to complete.


2.The paper is equipped with double suction, double feed, independent control, single side, three belts, automatic paper feed function to avoid paper warpage and synchronous paper ejection of two sheets of paper boxes; it also does not cause slippage on the surface of the paper box, which greatly improves paper feeding efficiency and stability.


3.The two-piece carton is spliced and bonded in the middle, and the mechanical roller is used for glue coating, and the two types of bonding methods are divided into cold and hot glue. The cold glue acts as a bonding agent, and the hot glue acts as an instant bonding and setting, and does not shift, and the double bonding fastness is stronger, ensuring 100% adhesion after the product container and the cold storage.


4.The two-piece docking position uses a double servo paper to ensure the consistency of the machine at low speed bonding and high speed bonding accuracy.


5.This machine can be used as the first position of the flat box, special-shaped box and large and small pieces. The middle paper feeding positioning guide and the upper paper feeding conveying pressure wheel, the upper and lower synchronous shifting to the adjustment machine shortens the adjustment time and solves many problems. The time for the variety to change the order.






Max. Size1200×1200 mm






Min size470×300mm470×300mm470×300mm



A-E corrugated board 

and 5ply cardboard

A-E corrugated board 

and 5ply cardboard

A-E corrugated board 

and 5ply cardboard

Max speed0-4000 pieces/hour0-4000 pieces/hour0-4000 pieces/hour
Total power11 kw11 kw11 kw
Weight3300 KG3500kg4000KG

High-Speed Double Pieces Folder Gluer Machine

Packaging & Delivery                                                                                                               
Packaging Details:
We usually packed this machine covered by plastic film. 
Delivery Detail:
Within 30 days after we got the deposit.

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