corrugated paperboard flexo printer small carton box corrugated flex flexo printing machine


Automatic Carton Box Flexo Printer Slotter Printing Machine with Stacker


Function and Characteristics:                                                                                                                       

1.Computer order storage and adjustment , faster order update and convenient operation .

2.Complete machine wallboard and other important pieces are all made by high precision process center and  grinded by digit-controlled grinder.

3.All the transmission axle and rollers are made of high-quality steel with high-precision dynamic balance , plated with rigid chrome and grinded surface. 

4.The transmission gear adopts the high-quality steel , which is grinded after heat-treatment , after long use , it still maintains the high topping precision.

5.The main machine transmission parts adopt the hand-free connection ring to eliminate the interval,  suitable for  long-term high speed printing

6.The whole machine undergoes the spray lubrication and is equipped with engine oil automatic balance facilities. 

7.It possesses the print , die-cutting , slotting memory function , which could return to Zero and Re-set automatically.

8.PCLINK control network , MCGS software , Siemens low voltage electric appliance and host frequency conversion control , 30% electricity saving 

9.Double axle slotting to configure whole machine production management computer control system and single  axle slotting to configure whole machine production management computer control system.

10.Edge leader feeding system.

ModelMax Paper Size(mm) Max Printing Size(mm)Max Speed(pcs/min)Economy Speed(pcs/min)Standard Printing Plate Thickness(mm)Tinted Precision(mm) Roller Diameter(mm)
HP-LM 900 900*2000/2200/2400/2600/2800900*1800/2200/2400/2600/15080-1007.2± 0.5300
HP-LM12501250*2000/2200/2400/2600/28001250*1800/2200/2400/2600/15080-1007.2± 0.5408
HP-LM14701470*2000/2200/2400/2600/28001470*1800/2200/2400/2600/15080-1007.2± 0.5480
HP-LM16001600*2000/2200/2400/2600/28001600*1800/2200/2400/2600/15080-1007.2± 0.5536 

Printing Size Can Be Customized




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