Paper inventory increased by 70% in March, corrugated cardboard market is easy to fall but difficult to rise in April

Apr. 19, 2021

In March, the corrugated and cardboard market continued the weak downward trend, and the overall market trading was light. The price of corrugated paper decreased significantly, with a decrease of 100-250 yuan / ton. The price of high-end Niuka is relatively stable, and there is more room for negotiation on medium and low-end sources.

According to price monitoring, the average price of cardboard in March was 4880 yuan / ton, up 5.56% month on month and 17.05% year on year. In addition to the high-end cattle card price changes little, the price of medium and low end cardboard decreased by 100-200 yuan / ton.

In addition to the traditional consumption off-season in April, the downstream packaging plants are willing to replenish the warehouse, but they are cautious in receiving the goods, and the price policy of the scale paper enterprises is not clear. The market is still bearish. It is expected that the price of corrugated and cardboard will be easy to fall but difficult to rise in April, and the paper market may still be under pressure. It is suggested to pay close attention to the price changes of raw materials and waste paper and the actual transaction of downstream orders.

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