Equipment Performance Of Corrugated Box Machinery

Sep. 10, 2018

According to the average speed of 3 Ply Corrugated Cardboard Line and the working time to determine the total length of the schedule, if a class is produced, the emergency order should be placed first, followed by the delivery date, and then scheduled by delivery. Two or three shifts of production can be scheduled according to the order delivery date. It is worth mentioning here that it is necessary to pay attention to the planned start-up time. If the order is sufficient, the schedule dissatisfaction will not only cause production pressure for the next day, but also cause the phenomenon of stoppage and waiting for the next process; if the order is insufficient, Too short a boot time will bring waste of energy to the enterprise.

In order to improve the utilization rate of the base paper, the schedule should be considered not to change the original paper frequently. Try to put the order that can be spelled in the same width at the same time. Even if you encounter the urgent order, you have already changed the original paper of another width. The materials are the same, you can put the urgent order on, it seems to waste a few centimeters or a dozen centimeters of base paper, but the comprehensive accounting is not a waste, but saves the time, electricity, energy consumption, and paper change of the original paper. Paper waste caused. In addition, the degree of shrinkage of the base paper should be considered. Some base papers, especially those with large water content, are preheated and towed, and the effective width is generally contracted by about 1-2 cm. If you do not understand these, the longitudinal cut will occur during actual production. The burrs, the cutting is not in place or the number of cardboard openings is insufficient, which is bound to cause waste.

The corrugated box is mechanically matched, effectively producing width, slitting number, small line spacing, cross-cutting single or double-knife, stacking mechanism, high speed, and automation. Otherwise, the schedule will be disconnected from the actual one, which will cause frequent changes and affect normal production.

The technical level and cooperation status of the corrugated box mechanics: This is very important. When the order scheduling with less than 1cm of trimming and the poor tension of the original paper are encountered, the technical staff of the corrugated board production line has good teamwork and can avoid repairing. The waste caused by frequent and broken papers, of course, also avoids the shortage of quantity caused by waste, and the need to reschedule the replenishment.

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