What If The Folder Gluer Machine Is Skewed?

Jul. 24, 2018

After the cardboard comes out of the paper feeding mechanism, the friction between the two sets of transmission belts and the cardboard is inconsistent, causing the paperboard to be skewed during the transmission of the belt. The reasons for this phenomenon are as follows.

1. Due to the different tension between the two sets of belts of the folder gluer machine and the outward facing, the ends of the cardboard are unevenly stressed and arbitrarily generated. The solution is to adjust the eccentric height of the inner hexagon to change the tension of the corresponding belt.

2. The locking mechanism of the upper and lower belts is not pressed F or the sword is not pressed, resulting in an excessive spacing of the upper and lower belts. Solution: Standardize the operation and carefully check that the locking mechanism is in place.

3. The conveyor belt slips or falls off due to aging and the like. The solution is to carefully check the locking mechanism of the belt, properly reduce the speed of the folder gluer machine, and change the aging belt in time.

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Automatic Carton Folder Gluer Machine

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