Six Major Equipment Advantages Of Automatic Die Cutting Machine

Aug. 15, 2018

The six equipment advantages of the Automatic Die Cutting Machine produced by RINO:

1. The automatic die-cutting machine uses HLP high-performance universal frequency conversion speed regulation to make the performance more stable and flexible.

2. The five major parts of the whole machine are made of high-quality materials cast steel, never deformed, and the performance is more stable.

3. The automatic die-cutting machine can complete the process of accurately conveying paper in high-speed operation, and the equipment has a die-cutting die-cutting structure, which can realize no-cutting die-cutting and reduce customer cost.

4. It has a tilting paper table, which is more suitable for the conveying and positioning of high speed tissue.

5. The automatic die-cutting machine is a high-quality, high-speed flying head from Japan. The maximum speed of the equipment is 7,500 sheets per hour, and the die-cutting precision can reach within ±0.15mm.

6, with automatic alignment device with a brush and air blowing system, can make the paper stack more neat and perfect.

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Six Major Equipment Advantages Of Automatic Die Cutting Machine

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