Folder Gluer Machine Four-point Trend In The Long-Term Development

Oct. 24, 2018

First, multi-functional, mobility

At present, standard linear boxes are still commonly used in China's packaging market. With the acceleration of economic globalization and the intensification of market competition, consumers and packaging users are increasingly demanding packaging boxes. In order to increase the added value of products, the box design of packaging boxes is increasingly diversified, and some advanced automatics. There is also a growing demand for lock-type color boxes, including toy boxes, wine boxes, and medicine boxes. This complex box type is generally not effectively produced by a manual or simple plastic box machine. In terms of the adaptability of the box type, the domestic Folder Gluer Machine is far less than the imported automatic plastic box machine, especially in the production of the special-shaped box. At present, the domestic automatic plastic box machine can not meet the requirements, and domestic manufacturers need to redouble their efforts.

Second, high speed, high productivity

As a color box supplier, the availability of instant production and immediate delivery has become a prerequisite for customer choice. On-time delivery, providing a sufficient number of cartons in the shortest amount of time will help to get the order. It is required that the plastic box machine must be easy to adjust, the production speed is high, and of course the stability is also indispensable, because the manufacturer needs to be ready for production at any time.

Third, to adapt to the production of small batches of packaging boxes

At present, the short version of the live is more and more, the small batch of plastic boxes mainly rely on manual in the domestic, if the automatic plastic box machine can make breakthroughs in small batch production in the future, it will be more conducive to the promotion and application of automatic plastic box machine.

Fourth, improve the degree of automation

After the printing industry is moving toward tighter deadlines, shorter operating cycles, more work shifts and the need to reduce set-up preparation time, post-press equipment manufacturers are also facing increasing pressure. The higher the automation of the automatic plastic box machine, the lower the dependence on the operator, the higher the production efficiency and the lower the labor intensity of the operator. In terms of operability, it will become more and more humanized, embodying the "people-oriented" design concept. The main domestic plastic box machine suppliers are closed.

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