What Are The Two Common Faults Of The Automatic Die-cutting Machine?

Jan. 09, 2019

Automatic Die-cutting Machine common troubleshooting:

1. Mechanical failure: Automatic planar die-cutting machines often have the problem of deflection of the moving platform, mainly because foreign objects fall into the die-cutting position. Usually, first report the wedge position under the moving shaft and rotate the moving platform to the upper limit point to monitor the relative position between the mobile platform and the static platform to ensure equidistance between the four corners of the platform and the upper static platform. between.

2. Electrical fault: Since the central control of the automatic die-cutting machine is controlled by PLC, the main detection points, electrical switches and output actions are controlled by PLC, and the internal program is ladder logic diagram, so when an electrical fault occurs, the maintenance personnel must first understand Ladder logic diagram, and then find out the cause of the fault is very simple.

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