The Die Cutting Machine Needs Lubrication Maintenance Every Month

Dec. 11, 2018

Automatic Die-cutting Machine is a machine that needs to be maintained. Good maintenance habits can extend the life of the machine and increase production efficiency. Therefore, maintenance every month is necessary. The following Automatic Die-cutting Machine Manufacturer introduces the parts that require important maintenance of the Flatbed automatic die-cutting machine.

1. Clutch with butter.

2. The second home block cam device adds oil; spring plus butter.

3. Fully automatic die-cutting machine receiving section sprocket tensioning device with butter.

4. SS type stripping round-trip moving part guide shaft with butter.

5. SS type waste cleaning mechanism is lubricated with butter.

6. The main transmission chamber is lubricated, and the oil is replaced at most half a year, which is determined by the clarity of the window oil.

7. Angle divider lubrication, once every six months.

8. Air compressor lubrication, add once every three months.

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