Future Development Of Die Cutting Machine Technology

Dec. 27, 2018

In recent years, the global packaging printing profession has developed rapidly, not only has the demand for shopping malls increased significantly in the past few years, but also the demand for post-press processing of printed products has become higher and higher.

Therefore, the rapid development of the business has proposed a two-layer request for "quality" and "quantity" for die-cutting hot stamping equipment.

In terms of the Automatic Die-cutting Machine skills, the new vertical flat die cutting skills are developed to horizontal flat press, round flattening, round die cutting, and laser die cutting skills developed in recent years. Horizontal horizontal flat die cutting machine is also fully automated to semi-automatic with stripping, automatic stripping, die cutting and other waste. In terms of hot stamping skills, it is developed from vertical flat-press stamping to horizontal flat-press stamping, as well as world-leading round-press hot stamping, web round stamping, and flat paper. Flatten stamping and so on. As far as the functionality of the device is concerned, it has been carried out from a single-function die-cutting machine or a hot stamping machine to a multi-station die-cutting hot stamping machine, a die-cutting and cleaning machine. The continued pulling of packaging merchants and the development of new skills and new technologies have promoted the rapid development of die-cutting machine equipment in the direction of high skill, diversification and intensification.

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Automatic die-cutting and creasing machine with stripping

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