How To Solve The Dark Line Problem Of Automatic Die-Cutting Machine?

Nov. 30, 2018

The dark line is a problem often encountered in the operation of the Automatic Die-cutting Machine. This is because the distance between the indentation lines in many positions is very close. If the height of the indented steel wire is configured as normal, the pulling force on the paper during molding is too large. It will also cause a burst. Therefore, efforts should be made to minimize the pulling force on the paper. Today's Automatic Die-cutting Machine Manufacturer will tell you the answer. Automatic die-cutting machine There are two solutions to the dark line problem:

1. Reduce the height of the indented steel wire. The lowered height is usually 0.1-0.2 mm. According to the paper thickness, the paper should be reduced by 0.2mm, and the paper of 350g/m2 or less should be reduced by 0.1mm.

2. Reduce the thickness of the indentation bottom mold strip.

The above two methods cannot be used at the same time, otherwise they will not have a good indentation effect. Among them, the first method is widely used, and the best effect.

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