Development Of Automatic High Speed Die Cutting Machine

Aug. 21, 2018

In the post-press equipment, the development of automatic high-speed die-cutting machine is relatively mature, and the molding tools, die-cutting plate-making machine, multi-function molding machine and CNC bending machine which are used together with the die-cutting machine are all in the factory. Production, this die-cutting method has become the mainstream equipment for the die-cutting process of large and medium-sized printing and packaging products in China.

The five parts of the Automatic Die-Cutting Machine are all made of high-quality materials cast steel. After tempering, the machine is durable and never deformed, and the performance is more stable. And the automatic die-cutting machine is driven by five aluminum chain drives, which can accurately transfer paper during high-speed operation. The trend toward industries that are energy efficient, low-emission, or even zero-emissions makes low-end products no longer a competitive focus. With the rapid development of the paper industry and the importance of the state's investment in the introduction of technology and equipment for the paper industry and the investment in technological transformation, the scale, technological progress, product level and manufacturing capacity of the paper industry equipment enterprises have undergone significant changes.

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Automatic Feeder Feeding Die-Cutting Machine

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