Automatic Paper Bag Machine Common mistakes In Bag Making

Apr. 13, 2019

As a Fully Automatic Paper Bag Machine Manufacturer, let's talk about some common mistakes in the Automatic Paper Bag Machine.

1. The upper and lower films are forbidden

The ban on the upper and lower pieces refers to the question that the front and back sides are not aligned when the bag is made.

Occurrence factor: The composite film is uneven in thickness and has a ruffled edge. The double float roller tension is too small. Some rollers do not rotate smoothly.

Solution: View and adjust the guide rollers (such as offset rollers, deflection rollers, etc.). Adjust the tension of the double float roller.

2. The cover has spots, bubbles

The cover has spots, and the bubble means that the surface of the seal is not flat.

Occurrence factor: heat seal knife or heat seal silicone pad is not flat. When heat-sealing is performed on a hygroscopic material structure rich in a nylon film or the like, bubbles are generated when the hygroscopic film absorbs moisture; the heat sealing pressure is insufficient.

Use a one-component adhesive, such as a neoprene adhesive, when heat-sealing the bag. The hot cover is easy to present uneven pits.

Solution: Replace the adhesive. View or adjust the heat seal knife and heat seal silicone pad. Keep raw materials and semi-finished products in a safe place to prevent them from absorbing moisture.

Automatic Paper Bag Machine

3. Scale error

Occurrence factors: operational factors, such as improper tension control, lack of pressure setting of the diaphragm rubber roller pressure cylinder. Electric eye stalking is banned. The effect of plastic composite film bag processing speed. Automatic Paper Bag Machine has a long-term length difference.

Solution: Decrease the bag speed of the Automatic Paper Bag Machine and adjust the bag making speed slowly. The pre-adjusted film feeding length (when adjusting the white bag) and the actual bag making scale should be as accurate as possible. Check whether the compression of the film strip and the friction coefficient of the composite envelope are appropriate. Adjust the pressure of the rubber roller, the cylinder pressure and the tension of each part. Check if there is a cursor printed question or distance question and adjust it. Adjust the fixed length system.

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