Brief Introduction Of Folder Gluer Machine

Jun. 12, 2018

In the packaging and printing industry, the application of the Folder gluer machine is the last process of the packaging process. It is the folding and molding of the printed and die-cut cardboard. The machine paste box replaces the manual paste box method and reduces the Labor costs increase efficiency.

The folder gluer machine part is divided into a paper feeding part, a prefolding part, a hook bottom part, a forming part, and a press box part. Gluing machine is divided into gluing machine according to function, gluing machine, etc. The general gluing machine does not have ditching function or even pre-folding, better with pre-folding, of course, most of the folder gluer There are pre-folding, of course, must be used to make the bottom case with a ditch paste folder machine, a better function of the folder machine can also make hexagonal and different boxes, but to configure the glue system and other devices.

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Semi-automatic carton folder gluer machine

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