Six Major Maintenance Considerations Of Carton Folder Gluer Machine

Sep. 04, 2018

The post-maintenance and maintenance of the Carton Folder Gluer Machine is something that printing companies need to pay attention:

1. The machine should be kept clean and cleaned frequently;

2. The mechanical belt should be cleaned with water to prevent slipping, especially to prevent foreign matter from sticking to the belt. The rubber wheel and plastic box at the bottom of the hook must be cleaned every day after work, otherwise the glue inside the glue box will freeze, affecting the glue effect;

3. The glue box of the folding glue part should be kept clean and clean, and often scrubbed;

4. When the governor stops, it is forbidden to adjust the speed, otherwise the belt wear will be very serious;

5. The inner row of plate support, shaft and screw should be cleaned frequently, and the combination of running oil and butter should be used better, and it can also prevent the left and right rocking shaft from rusting;

6. It is best to drive slowly before starting the machine, check the machine for abnormal conditions, and then adjust to the appropriate speed.

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