What Are The Causes Of The Die-Cutting Machine Failure?

Aug. 09, 2018

The causes of the Die-Cutting Machine Failure are as follows:

1. Failure of the die cutter version. The die-cutting machine has a malfunction. It is possible that the process of the die-cutting machine is slightly error-prone. This slight error makes the die-cutting machine unable to reach the position of the ideal die-cutting indentation. The die-cutting indentation is different from the working environment of the printing, which may cause deformation or stretch of the cardboard fiber, and may also cause inaccuracy of the die-cutting indentation. What needs to be done is to ensure the die-cutting indentation as much as possible to ensure the identity of the working environment. Nowadays, the die-cutting knife making method is mainly by manual plate making and laser plate making. Compared with laser plate making, the precision is relatively high. The design and cutting are done by computer and machinery, which is suitable for die cutting of packaging.

2. The die-cutting indentation is not aligned with the printed position. The solution to this problem is simple, as long as the die-cut version is recalibrated according to the product requirements, and the position of the printing and die-cutting indentation is corrected. It can also be corrected by adjusting the transport side positioning of the paper.

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What Are The Causes Of The Die-Cutting Machine Failure?cid=3

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