Common Fault of Die Cutting Machine

Jun. 23, 2018

Die cutting machine "burst" means that the pressure due to die-cutting indentation is too large, exceeds the endurance limit of the paper fiber, so that the paper fiber breaks or partially breaks; "dark line" refers to an indentation line that should not be present, generally Due to improper choice of die-cutting plate and indentation steel wire, improper adjustment of die-cutting pressure, poor paper quality, inconsistency between paper fiber direction and die-cutting layout, and low flexibility due to low moisture content of the paper.

Solution: Select the appropriate die-cut version; properly adjust the die-cutting pressure; place the print to be die-cut in the workshop for a period of time before die-cutting; increase the relative humidity in the workshop environment. The better method is to reduce the height of the indentation steel wire, the reduction height is usually 0.1 ~ 0.2mm, according to the quantitative determination of the paper, the amount of paper in the quantitative above 350g/m2 need to reduce the height of the indentation steel wire is 0.2mm Paper with a basis weight of 350g/m2 or less should be reduced by 0.1mm.

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