How To Deal With Folder Gluer Machine Failure?

Aug. 06, 2018

The paper feeding mechanism of the Folder Gluer Machine is a belt-rotating friction type paper. The cardboard is stacked obliquely on three rubber belts. When the belt rotates, a piece of paperboard under the paper pile is conveyed by friction. If the friction is not enough, it will easily lead to the phenomenon of emptying, which often occurs during the conveying process of the cardboard, for the following reasons.

1. Cardboard itself, such as uneven cardboard warpage and excessive paper powder on cardboard.

Solution: Before manually loading the paper, first arrange the cardboard to eliminate the bending phenomenon and shake off the paper powder on the cardboard.

 2. The cardboard is too light, the height of the stack is not enough (the operator does not add the cardboard in time), resulting in insufficient friction between the cardboard and the belt.

Solution: Add cardboard according to the height of the paper stack.

3. The vibration frequency of the vibrator is too low, causing the vibration amplitude of the rear support rod to be transmitted to the cardboard to be too small.

Solution: Adjust the appropriate vibration frequency according to the basis weight of the cardboard and the size of the web.

 4. The angle of the rear support frame is too high, resulting in poor contact between the cardboard and the conveyor belt.

Solution: Adjust the angle of the rear support frame appropriately, generally 15 ° ~ 30 °.

5. The belt is slippery due to aging or excessive paper dust on the surface.

 Solution: Brush the conveyor belt to increase the surface roughness, or change the conveyor belt. You can also add a jet device beside the belt to blow away the paper powder on the belt at any time.

 6. The height of the paper stop is adjusted too low to hinder the conveyance of the cardboard.

 Solution: Adjust the height of the paper stop according to the thickness of the cardboard, which is generally 1.5 times the thickness of the cardboard.

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