Development Trend of Carton Machinery Industry

Jun. 26, 2018

Focusing on the development of post-carton processing equipment is the direction of the carton machinery enterprises in the future. The carton production structure is being adjusted to enter a new pattern of cooperation in specialized division of labor. The newly established carton enterprises in Shanghai basically adopt the mode of producing cartons after the purchase of paperboard processing. This model has less investment, fast output, low cost, and good efficiency. The post-processing of the Corrugated Cardboard Machine is an important part of the carton production. After solving the board quality, the emphasis is on printing, slitting, bonding and die-cutting processes.

From the development trend of the carton machinery industry in the new century, the first is to accelerate the development of medium-to-high-end cartons, with emphasis on the development of low-weight, high-strength, lightweight medium and high-grade cartons; second, the development of flexible versions, multi-color printing and die-cutting cartons; Third, the kraft linerboard transport packaging was gradually replaced by the white version of the Niucai color-faced printed commodity packaging to realize the commercialization and serialization of the internal and external packaging; the fourth was the development of special-shaped carton carton and fine corrugated (DE) corrugated carton carton. Die Cutting Machine is beautiful, generous and lightweight, providing consumers with convenience.

Die Cutting Machine

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