Need To Pay Attention To The Problem Of Die Cutting Machine Operation!

Dec. 19, 2018

During the working process of Die-Cutting Machine, we need to check whether the rolling parts are normal in time. If the attack is abnormal, stop it in time and adjust to eliminate abnormal noise before production.

The main question of paper is the standard. Before using the Automatic die-cutting machine, it is necessary to check whether the paper meets the technical request, and whether the error is within the scope of the agreement.

It is necessary for the operator to be a professional, and non-operators must not operate the equipment to prevent the occurrence of the incident.

Automatic Die-cutting Machine is such a messy device, there must be a lot of fasteners in it, such as the screws on the steel plate. If it is not tightened, it will form the wear of the knife edge or the pressure of the cardboard. If the die clamp is not tightened, Forming off during work.

Iron plate scars are the parts that need to be viewed frequently. If there are foreign objects, they should be removed in time.

Timing is required to add lubrication to the working part of the equipment. Check if the fixing screws are loose at regular intervals.

Automatic Lead edge feeding die-cutting and creasing machine

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