Why Is The Die-cutting Machine Not Smooth?

Jan. 18, 2019

There are many reasons for the paper-cutting machine to be unsmooth, mainly due to paper deformation, too smooth print surface or other mechanical failure. Today, Die-cutting Machine Supplier will tell you the solution.

(1) Paper feeding caused by paper deformation is not smooth. Since die-cutting is the last step of the entire printing process, the paper is easily deformed after several processes, especially after high temperature and high pressure. Paper deformation after lamination is more serious

(2) The product after the film is not smooth due to the smoothness of the printed surface is too smooth, and the product is too smooth, which will cause certain difficulties in paper feeding. For the above two cases, the experienced operator will do the preparatory work before loading the paper. For example, when loading paper, add some wooden wedges or paper rolls to the paper to keep the paper flat, and pre-play when loading the paper. This problem can generally be avoided by cutting the paper edge or by appropriately lowering the speed of the die cutting machine.

(3) Difficulties in paper feeding caused by mechanical failures The suction of the nozzle is not enough, the position of the plane on the paper stack is not suitable, the positioning of the rules is not accurate, and other mechanical reasons may cause slanting, double and empty sheets during the paper feeding process. Waiting for a fault. As long as the maintenance of the die-cutting machine and the adjustment of the mechanical parts are done normally, it will avoid the difficulty of paper feeding due to mechanical failure.

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