How To Eliminate The Failure Of The Die-cutting Machine When Cutting Paper?

May. 28, 2019

The die-cutting machine will encounter problems when it is used. As a Folder Gluer Machine Manufacturer, let's share with you the common faults of the Automatic Die-cutting Machine and the solutions. In the daily work, the common Automatic Die-cutting Machine is faulty, and the causes and troubleshooting are as follows.

Fault 1: The highest point was not returned after the cutter was cut.

Cause of failure: Excessive clutch clearance or friction disc wear.

Remedy: Adjust the clutch clearance or replace the friction plate.

Fault 2: Safety bolt break

Cause of failure: blade wear and overload.

Remedy: Sharpen the blade.

Fault 3: Paper pressure is not enough.

Cause of failure: The hydraulic oil concentration is too high.

Remedy: Replace the small hydraulic oil.

Automatic Die-cutting Machine

Fault 4: Paper cannot be cut.

Cause: The blade is not adjusted to the horizontal position and the blade is not smooth.

Remedy: Adjust the blade position and level the tool holder.

Fault 5: Bent paper skewed

Cause: The paper has not been pushed into the paper and the paper has not been pressed.

Remedy: Push paper by paper, then press the paper.

Fault 6: There is a knife mark on the paper cut.

Cause of the malfunction: The edge of the knife is defective.

Remedy: Sharpen the blade.

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