How Does The Flatbed Automatic Die-Cutting Machine Work?

Aug. 16, 2018

The working principle of the Flatbed Automatic Die-Cutting Machine is to use a die cutter, a steel knife, a metal mold, a steel wire, and apply a certain pressure through the plate to cut the printed product or the cardboard into a certain shape. If the entire printed product is cut into a single graphic product, it is called die cutting; if two templates of yin and yang are used, by heating the mold to a certain temperature, a pattern or font having a three-dimensional effect is printed on the surface of the printed product, which is called hot stamping.

The die-cutting process is the most commonly used process for packaging printed matter. It is a combination of die-cutting knives according to the design requirements of the product to form a die-cutting plate. Under the action of pressure, the printed matter or other ring-shaped blanks are rolled into the desired shape or The forming process of the cut.

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Flatbed Automatic Die-Cutting Machine

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