How To Adjust The Die Cutting Machine Pressure Plate?

Oct. 19, 2018

When using the Flatbed Automatic Die-Cutting Machine, the position of the operation panel should be controlled, so that the pressure adjustment and skew adjustment of the die-cutting plate are safer and easier to operate, and can be adjusted at any time when the machine is turned on.

The die cutting pressure adjustment of the general Flatbed automatic die-cutting machine adopts the upper adjustment mode and the lower adjustment mode, that is, adjustment above the paper feed or adjustment under the paper feed, and most of the die cutters are adjusted. Because from a technical point of view, if the two-seat die-cutting is used, it is difficult to make the paper at a level. Similarly, for the adjustment of the skew of the dieboard, it is also possible to use the upper adjustment method, which has the same reason. Manufacturers must consider this aspect in selecting machines, especially for dual-mode cutting.

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Flatbed Automatic Die-Cutting Machine

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