Features Of Flatbed Automatic Die-Cutting Machine

Jul. 02, 2018

The Flatbed Automatic Die-Cutting Machine is used in the printing industry, bringing more room for the development of the printing industry. Here are some features of the flatbed automatic die-cutting machine:

1, the host drive is equipped with mechanical + electrical torque limit protection, safe control.

2, easy to control and safe, paper bending flexibility, low failure rate, high productivity, it is worthy of the corrugated paper industry.

3, lubricating oil temperature control, to solve the problem of uneven heat expansion and shrinkage, protection of parts is not easy to wear.

4. The operator operates according to the instructions of the microcomputer LCD screen. If there is any abnormality, a warning will be displayed to facilitate smooth production.

5, the use of clamp type grab, can ensure the accuracy of high-speed operation.

6, strong cutting pressure, for all types of paper, multi-mode box type, can easily die-cut.

7, imported high hardness die-cut steel plate, durable and easy to wear.

8. The chip-removing plate die adopts the non-plate frame device and cooperates with the main engine drive. The school plate is easy to be highly accurate.

9. The electric eye monitoring devices are provided for the operations of all departments, making operation and inspection easy.

10. Complete safety devices to ensure the safety of operators.

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