Four Factors That Affect The Efficiency Of The Die-Cutting Machine!

Oct. 15, 2018

With the development of quality of life, food packaging, gift packaging, and wine packaging are becoming more and more important. The shape of the box is different and has its own characteristics. Flatbed Automatic Die-Cutting Machine is the earliest packaging machinery used in product packaging machinery. 

1. Paper cutting speed: The fully active Flatbed automatic die-cutting machine has a very fast cutting speed, compared with the previous die cutting machine.

2. Paper feeding size and height: With the development of planning skills, the Automatic Die-Cutting Machine's continuous improvement in the size and height of the paper can mold more different types of cardboard goods;

3. Paper feeding method: The traditional paper feeding method is to use the conveyor belt. The new type of pen is the active paper-absorbing technique. 4. The stability of the die-cutting machine: Today's die-cutting machine is more sophisticated and die-cut. The speed and accuracy are now very stable, so the stability of the flat die-cutting machine is now very good.

We also have Manual Die Cutting Machine China available for you. If you are interested in our die cutting machine, you can contact us and we will provide you with more specific information.

Flatbed Automatic Die-Cutting Machine

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