Handling Of The Belt Of The Folder Gluer Machine

Apr. 30, 2019

As a Corrugated Cardboard Machine Supplier, we have the following recommendations for the handling of the Folder Gluer Machine belt.

1. What kind of rubbing does the Folder Gluer Machine belt slip?

Tied to the belt with a damp cloth, the pressure bar of the fold is pressed tightly, or lubricated with oil to reduce the resistance. Rosin is the kind of translucent material that is not refined into tar.

2. What is the reason for the Folder Gluer Machine?

The belt flares or the length of the belt is too long.

Folder Gluer Machine

3. How to liquidate the glue on the Folder Gluer Machine belt?

1) First peel off the sticker attached to the glass or the exterior of the product, soak the towel with warm water (hot water in winter), wipe it twice at the mark of the adhesive; then apply soap on the warm and wet towel. Repeat the wipe several times at the mark; finally wipe the soap with a clean, warm, wet towel.

2) You can easily and thoroughly remove these stickers by using the alcohol, gasoline, or nail polish diluted in your home, and the hand cream can also reach the effect of removing the adhesive.

Folder Gluer Machine's belts will have various problems as the operating cycle shortens during the application process, so it is necessary to stop maintenance on a regular basis, which can effectively ensure the extension of equipment life.

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