How To Improve The Quality Of Corrugated Board?

May. 14, 2019

As a Folder Gluer Machine Manufacturer, let's share with you how to improve the quality of corrugated board.

Automatic glue box making high-quality adhesive must control its physical and chemical indicators, such as the ratio of starch to water, viscosity of the finished adhesive, activity, PH value, gelatinization temperature and so on. Changes in these indicators will have a significant impact on the bond strength and flatness of the board.

At the same time, the quality of the adhesive manufacturing process has a direct impact on the quality of the paperboard. In order to theoretically reduce the cost of making the adhesive, some companies will increase the ratio of water to starch during the production process, but semi-automatic bonding. When the box machine is produced, in order to achieve the bond strength, the amount of glue is increased.

Corrugated Cardboard Machine

The main raw material of the adhesive is starch. The quality of the starch has a direct impact on the quality of the adhesive. If the starch with poor quality is selected as the raw material, the viscosity and activity of the finished adhesive will not be disordered. The precipitate is easily produced, and the bonded cardboard has poor adhesive strength, is easily deformed, and is left for a long time, and the rubber is naturally opened. Therefore, we must strictly control the quality when purchasing starch. We should know that the adhesive is mainly used for the adhesion of paperboard to starch. Water is only a link excipient. If you want to reduce the ratio of water to starch to reduce the production cost of adhesive, it is unscientific, which will not reduce the cost. On the contrary, it will have a severe impact on the quality of the cardboard, so that the various testing indicators can not meet the ideal requirements.

In today's corrugated box packaging trend towards "low weight, light weight, high strength", the quality requirements of corrugated board are becoming more and more strict.

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