Three Factors Affecting The Pressure Of The Die-Cutting Machine

Aug. 30, 2018

The Latbed Automatic Die-Cutting Machine is mainly used for some non-metallic materials, self-adhesives, indentation and bronzing operations, lamination, metal molds, steel wires, etc. Applying a certain pressure through the plate to print or paper. Roll cut into a certain shape. So do you know the factors that affect the pressure of the die-cutting machine? Here is a small series for you to explain.

1. The longer the length and total length of the steel knife, the greater the resistance of the product to the die and the greater the pressure required.

2. The thickness and hardness of the product, the larger the die cutting machine needs to cut and cut the cardboard and plastically deform the cardboard to produce indentation

3. The hardness and area of the steel blade pad, the die-cutting machine should select the appropriate hardness of the strip according to the thickness of the cardboard, and the strip needs to be too wide, it is best to cut the strip into small sections, spaced in the steel knife On both sides, this reduces the pressure required for die cutting.

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Latbed Automatic Die-Cutting Machine

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