How Is The Printing Machine Sorted By Printing Plate?

Feb. 22, 2019

Printing Machine can be divided into the following categories according to the printing plate:

Depending on the type of plate used, it can be divided into three types of printing presses: letterpress, lithographic and intaglio.

(1) Letterpress printing machine: The printing plate used by the letterpress printing machine has a convex part and a blank part, such as a movable type, a lead type, a copper-zinc plate and a resin plate. Any printing press that uses a letterpress can be collectively referred to as a letterpress printer.

(2) lithographic printing machine: the lithographic printing machine uses the graphic part and the blank part on almost the same plane, such as lithographic plate, flat concave plate, multi-layer metal plate and pre-coated sensible plate (that is, the PS plate which is now widely used) )Wait. Printers that use such plates can be referred to as lithographic presses.

(3) Gravure printing machine: The printing plate used for gravure printing is exactly opposite to the relief plate, and its graphic portion is concave, lower than the blank portion, such as etched etched gravure or engraved gravure. All printing presses using gravure can be collectively referred to as gravure printing machines.

The above three printing machines have different structural features due to different plate forms, but one thing in common is that no matter which type of printing machine needs to pressurize the back side of the paper to complete the printing process. Our Lead edge feeder Printing Machine is very good quality guarantee, please contact us.

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