Four Advantages Of Lead Edge Feeder Printing Machine

Oct. 12, 2018

1, connection combination printing

Lead Edge Feeder Printing Machine is different from other digital printing machines. The inkjet printing module can also be installed on traditional printing production lines and combined with traditional printing production lines, so that traditional printing technology and digital printing technology can complement each other.

2, flexible configuration

Designed for different customer needs, other types of digital presses are usually equipped with a single, Lead edge feeder Printing Machine and inkjet technology can be used to flexibly select different formats, different color groups, different configurations of the system, can meet the high-end To the low end of the different grades of customer demand.

3, printing speed fast rotary machine

With a single-scanning inkjet printer, the printing speed of the trademark printer can easily exceed that of other digital printers. Moreover, it is expected that the speed of inkjet printers will further increase in the next few years and will be achieved in the near future. The speed of traditional printing presses, while at the same time the cost increase is not large.

4, low operating costs

This is reflected in the same speed, format and other configurations, the price of the trademark printing machine is usually lower than the toner digital printing machine; at the same time, the most important consumables of the inkjet printing machine is ink, the manufacturing cost is lower than the toner And ink. With the increasing use of UV-curable inks, the output will increase dramatically, the price of ink will continue to fall, and the operating costs of inkjet printers will gradually decrease.

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Lead Edge Feeding Flexo Printer For Sale

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