What Should I Do If The Die Cutting Machine Has A Low Die Cutting Accuracy?

Jun. 01, 2019

As a Corrugated Cardboard Machine Supplier, let's share with you the reasons and solutions for the low die cutting precision.

The cause of the problem: The reason why the die-cutting precision is not high is the problem of the die-cut version and the problem of the printed matter. The error of the die-cutting die made by hand is large; the die-cutting indentation and the working environment of the printing process will cause the paper to be deformed, resulting in the position of the die-cutting indentation, especially after the glazing and laminating, the deformation of the paper is more Serious, affecting the precision of die cutting.

Semi-automatic Die-cutting Machine

Solution: Choose an advanced die-cut plate-making process to improve the accuracy of the die-cut version. Try to ensure that the die-cutting indentation and the printing process are carried out under the same working environment, or to ensure the identity of the working environment (ie the same temperature, relative humidity, etc.); the glazing and laminating paper should be subjected to die-cutting pretreatment, Minimize the effect of paper deformation on die cutting accuracy.

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