Maintenance Of High Speed Paper Bag Machine

Apr. 09, 2019

What are the things to keep in mind when doing the bag making process? One machine for paper bag machine can debug multiple standard paper bags. It is multi-purpose and multi-functional. However, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the paper bag machine during the process. As a Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine Supplier, we have the following suggestions.

Maintenance rules: It is necessary to refuel all the bushings every 2 hours in the first half of the month after purchasing the High Speed Paper Bag Machine. After half a month, all the bushings can be refueled once every 4 hours.

1. It is necessary to ensure that the dirt on all the rollers on the High Speed Paper Bag Machine is cleaned after work. In order to make the paper bag machine process smoothly.

2. The chain is tightened once every 15 days, with appropriate tightness.

3. High Speed Paper Bag Machine All gear tops are tightened once every 3 days to prevent loosening.

4. All platen fastening screws are tightened once every 6 days to prevent loosening. The platen is located at the parallel plate of the High Speed Paper Bag Machine.

High Speed Paper Bag Machine

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