Sealing And Cutting Method For High Speed Paper Bag Machine

Apr. 16, 2019

As a Corrugated Cardboard Machine Supplier, let's talk about the sealing and cutting method of the paper bag machine.A High Speed Paper Bag Machine paper bag fixed length sealing and cutting, the positioning system is a fixed length positioning system, only requesting the speed of the sealing and cutting movement and the bag feeding speed to meet the request of the fixed length sealing and cutting; the other is the printing bag positioning system, The print bag positioning system is a positioning stalk, and it is necessary to drop the position at the designated mark every time the sealing position is requested.

When carrying out various sealing and cutting missions, there will inevitably be a problem; that is, the bag length of each mission request may be changed, and this will inevitably affect the initial value of the bag that we preset in the system.

High Speed Paper Bag Machine

Moreover, because the interval S between the photoelectric eye and the seal cut of the paper bag mark is a fixed value, the length of the bag is changed, which inevitably affects the relationship between the bag feeding speed and the sealing and cutting speed. Therefore, in order to realize the active positioning of the processing, it is necessary to make a certain function adjustment between the length of the bag and the interval S. But this is only useful for sealing and cutting the print bag, but it doesn't make sense when sealing the paper bag.

In the packaging industry, composite thin bags used as packaging bags can be divided into two types: one is a paper bag, and the other is a printing bag (color bag). The color bag is printed with a photoelectric signal inspection sensor to identify other signs.

The High Speed Paper Bag Machine's active positioning system of the sealing and cutting machine actively checks the frequency of the sealing and cutting machine controlled by the main motor through the photoelectric signal sensor, and then converts the number of pulses into the number of pulses detected by another photoelectric signal sensor to adjust the feeding stepping motor. The frequency to reach the speed at which the feed is changed to adapt to the sealing and cutting motion of the main motor.

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