Fully Automatic Paper Bag Machine's Binding And Glue

Apr. 20, 2019

As a Rotary Die-cutting Machine Supplier, let's talk about the binding and glue in the paper bag machine.The glued parts of the paper bag machine are on the spine and the side. The hot melt adhesive used is also different. For example, the performance of the two is different. The hot melt temperature is different. The quality of the glue and the glue is suitable. Important, the high temperature of the melt glue will make the melt too thin and the viscosity is insufficient. The high temperature of the melt will make the glue too thick to penetrate and flow, and some will be attached to the ridge or side by small granular pieces. The cover will wrinkle and empty the ridge.

The finishing work before the Fully Automatic Paper Bag Machine is a process that cannot be ignored in the whole process of the perfect binding. If the Fully Automatic Paper Bag Machine enters the plastic bag when it is not finished properly in the finishing process, various bad quality problems such as peeling, loosening, empty ridges, wrinkles and the like may occur after the plastic bag. The finishing is to bundle the semi-finished book stickers, put a certain number of book stickers on the strapping machine, and fast-stop the plates at both ends, and start the strapping machine to compact the loose book stickers and then tie them with ropes. In order to make the back of the compacted back stiff and firm, after compaction and bundling, apply the polyethylene glue to the back of the bundled book. After the polyvinyl alcohol glue to be brushed is dried, the rope will be loosened, and then the rope will be loosened. Separate each piece and transfer to the plastic bag.

 Fully Automatic Paper Bag Machine

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