Precautions For Using The Folder Gluer Machine

Jul. 30, 2018

In the packaging and printing industry, the application of Folder Gluer Machine is the last process of packaging box processing. It is to fold and shape the printed and die-cut cardboard, and the machine paste box replaces the manual paste box method. Labor costs have increased efficiency. After the carton is glued and formed, the adhesive portion is cracked. The reason is as follows.

1. The viscosity of the glue is not enough and the amount of glue is insufficient. Solution: The paste box is generally white latex, which is diluted with water and also reduces the viscosity. When the viscosity is not enough, the higher concentration glue can be redeployed. Insufficient amount of glue can increase the gap between the rubber wheel and the rubberized surface of the paperboard, and increase the amount of glue applied.

2. The temperature of the workshop affects the viscosity of the glue. Solution: The temperature of the paste box car is controlled to about 20~C by the temperature adjustment device such as air conditioner to ensure the normal viscosity of the glue.

3. Prior to the use of white latex, it was not carefully checked, resulting in the use of expired or deteriorated glue. Solution: White latex should be stored safely and sealed before use. The shelf life is generally 1 year.

4. The selected white latex does not match the cardboard. Solution: Due to the large number and grade of white latex on the market, white latex should be selected according to the specific characteristics of the product.

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Precautions For Using The Folder Gluer Machine

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