Factors Affecting The Drying Performance Of Printing Machine Inks

Dec. 13, 2018

Several of the most important factors that affect the drying performance of Printing Machine inks:

1. Ingredients of ink (ink pigments, binders and related additives);

2. The properties of the substrate material (such as permeability, etc.);

3. Printing conditions (ink transfer amount, delivery pile height, printing speed);

4. Climatic conditions (indoor temperature and humidity);

5. Drying system composition (such as air flow on the ink surface, reaction time, type of energy supplied, etc.). Temperature is a decisive factor. Generally speaking, the higher the temperature, the better. Because the higher the temperature, the faster the ink polymerization speed, the smaller the viscosity of the ink, the better the penetration, and the faster the solvent evaporates.

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