What Is The Difference Between Flexo Printing And Letterpress Printing?

Mar. 21, 2019

What is the difference between flexo printing and letterpress printing? Today, Printing Machine Expoter will give you a explanation.

The principle of letterpress printing is relatively simple. In letterpress printing, the ink supply device of the printing machine first distributes the ink evenly, and then transfers the ink to the printing plate through the ink roller, since the graphic portion on the relief plate is much higher than the non-image portion on the printing plate, The ink on the ink roller can only be transferred to the graphic portion of the plate, while the non-image portion has no ink. The paper feeding mechanism of the printing machine conveys the paper to the printing part of the printing machine. Under the joint action of the printing plate device and the imprinting device, the ink of the printing plate part is transferred to the printing substrate, thereby completing the printing of one printing piece. . Where the back of the printed paper has slight marks, the edges of the lines or dots are neat, and the ink is light in the center, it is a relief print. The raised edges of the print are heavily pressed and thus have a slight impression bulge.

Compared with gravure printing, offset printing and traditional letterpress printing, flexographic printing has its own distinctive features: 1. Low equipment investment, quick effect and high efficiency. The price of a flexo press is much lower than that of an intaglio press of the same color set and a corresponding offset press. In addition, the flexographic printing machine integrates various processes such as printing, die-cutting and glazing, and multiple processes can be completed at one time without having to purchase corresponding post-processing equipment, which has high return on investment. 2, the device structure is relatively simple, so the operation is relatively simple and convenient. 3. High production efficiency. Flexographic printing uses a roll material that not only enables double-sided printing of the substrate, but also completes the work of light (or film), bronzing, die-cutting, waste disposal, and winding on the wire. The production cycle has been greatly shortened, manpower, material resources and financial resources have been saved, production costs have been reduced, and economic benefits have been improved. 4, a wide range of printing materials, such as paper, plastic film, aluminum foil, self-adhesive paper and so on. 5, the print quality is good, the printing precision can reach 150 lines / inch, and the prints are rich in layers, the color is clear, the visual effect is good, especially suitable for the requirements of packaging and printing. 6, using new water-based inks and solvent-based inks, non-toxic, non-polluting, fully in line with the requirements of green environmental protection, can also meet the requirements of food packaging.

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