What Are The Factors That Cause The Die Cutter To Malfunction?

Jul. 17, 2018

Die-cutting machine is mainly used for die-cutting, indentation, bronzing and lamination of non-metallic materials, stickers, electronics, mobile phone pads, etc. During the working process, the die-cutting machine may not work properly due to some factors. . Let's take a look at the following issues: What are the factors that cause the failure:

1. Layout pressure. If this adjustment is not good, there will be a problem that the cutting edge is not smooth and fluffing during die cutting. To get the ideal pressure, you should press the proofs to check and then make adjustments.

2, The indentation line, in order to avoid the failure caused by the irregularity of the indentation line, the use of high quality indentation line. The indentation line should have a moderate hardness, a smooth thread, and a strong stability, and then choose the right height, thickness and specifications.

3, The strip, will cause die-cutting board and paste board, which affects speed and quality.

4, Die-cutting knife is also an important factor, the fault caused by it has low die-cutting precision, the blade is not smooth, and the hair is raised during die cutting. The die cutter must choose the product that suits the model and specifications to avoid various situations during use.

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