What Are The Debugging Considerations Before Installing The Strapping Machine?

Nov. 21, 2018

The Strapping Machine is also called the bundling machine. The strapping machine is a machine that bundles the package with a strap to complete the strapping operation. Bundling is to prevent the scattering and loss of items, and to facilitate transportation and storage. Strapping machines are used in a wide range of applications and are used in almost all product packaging. So what are the debugging considerations before installing the strapping machine?

1. Check before operation:

a, check whether the unmanned baler fastening body is loose

b. Fill the reducer with liquid lubricant and observe whether the oil passage is unblocked as shown in Figure 2-13.

c. Check whether the motor and electrical equipment are dry and the insulation is good.

d. Check if the external power supply meets the power requirements of the machine.

2. Empty operation after inspection:

After the power is turned on, press the “CONTINUOUS” button to run continuously and check if the proximity switch is in the correct position.

a. When the two proximity switches sense the delivery probe shown, the main motor starts and the machine starts to feed.

b. When the two proximity switches sense the retracting probe, the main motor stops, the unwinding motor starts, and the machine starts to retreat.

c. When the two proximity switches sense the stop probe, the main motor stops.

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Strapping Machine

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