The Trend Of Die-Cutting Machine

Jul. 13, 2018

Die-Cutting Machine is suitable for die-cutting indentation and bronzing of non-metallic materials, self-adhesives, double-sided tapes, electronics, mobile phone pads, etc. As the main equipment for post-press packaging printing, it has formed different in China. Grades basically meet the domestic demand for equipment. The development trend of die-cutting machine has the following characteristics:

First, the product is developing in the direction of automation, intelligence and multi-function.

Second, the application market of fully automatic flat die cutting machine will continue to expand, and the market for semi-automatic flat die cutting and creasing machine will be further reduced.

Third, the market for CNC die-cutting machines that are suitable for full-size specifications will gradually expand, and China has already produced a large amount.

Fourth, printing efficiency will continue to increase.

The company is mainly engaged in the design, printing and post-processing of paper packaging products, such as: Automatic Die-Cutting Machine, Rotary Die-Cutting Machine and other products, mainly serving domestic import and export trading companies.

Rotary Die-Cutting Machine

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