• Waste water treatment equipment
  • Waste water treatment equipment
  • Waste water treatment equipment

Waste water treatment equipment


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China (Mainland)

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High quality ink   sewage water treatment equipment


Stainless Steel




CE Certificate


380V, 50HZ, 3P




0.25 M3/h

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Seaworthy package according to customer's requirements



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Shipped in 20 days after payment


Simple introduction:

Applicable to a variety of industrial sewage treatment, like ink printing pollution, offset printing machine water, developer pollution water, weaving factory industrial pollution water, glass factory printing sewage, printing and dyeing plant sewage, children's toy dye sewage, etc.,.

Equipment Design Principle:

According to the characteristics of wastewater, this design is designed around the following points:

1) As the pollutants in the wastewater are mainly inorganic substances such as acids, alkalis and metal ions and contain certain organic substances such as surfactants, the unit adopts the combination of physical, chemical and biochemical technologies to achieve effluent SS, pH And other indicators of the long-term stability standards;

2) Due to the small discharge of wastewater and the unfavorable construction of new civil structures in the plant area, this project intends to adopt the integration treatment equipment of anti-corrosion material of PP plate to realize the mechanization and mobility of wastewater treatment;

3) In the selection of process routes, and strive to succinct, applicable: The program to deal with the main chemical conditioning, biochemical decomposition of the secondary, the suspended solids in the wastewater through the A broken agent broken agent, the full response after a certain period of time B into the pharmaceutical agent flocculation into groups, after solid-liquid separation filter press equipment, filtration, the primary water into the oxidation tank for biological oxidation, after a certain period of oxidation by the overflow supernatant into the final filter, the final filter after carbonization Quartz sand filtration standard discharge or back to the production for the first time before the cleaning, in order to save water;

4) Set the appropriate online PH value monitoring equipment, to achieve precise control, real-time monitoring, real-time monitoring of sewage treatment, better sewage treatment to achieve the best treatment effect.

Working process



1.Covers an area of small, save 50% occupying area compared with traditional system.

2.Easy to install and maintenance, shorten debugging period, low operation and maintenance costs.

3.Stable producing water quality for different inlet water.

4.Less sludge residue reduces cost for sludge treatment.

5. More than 30 years service life. The raw material of the product are anticorrosion.


Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
We usually packed this machine covered by plastic film. 
Delivery Detail:
Within 30 days after we got the deposit

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