Carton Box Folder Gluer Machine


Product Description                                                                                                          

Description & Feature:

Automatic folder gluer machine consiste of three sections: vacuum feeding section, glue & floding section, counter & stacker section.  Frequency conversion motor with quality inverter adjust speed. PLC & Touch Screen control system for easy operation and running stable.  Average speed 150sheets/min. Max speed is 220pcs/min. Energy Conservation and High Speed, Saving Labor Cost.

Function and characteristic:

1. Automatically finish the top folding and middle folding, meanwhile finish the glue belt stick of the upper and down part, save labor and time.

2. Applicable to a wide range of cartons, different size carton adjustment is simple and quick

3. The machine work steadily and reliable, the effect is firm and good looking.

4. Easy to operate and easy to maintain

5. Automatic amend the carton right-angle degree.

Main technology parameter:



Max. Cardboard1000X2000mm1000*2400mm1200*2800mm
Mini. Cardboard170x420mm170*420mm400*900mm
Total weight5000kg5500KG6500KG
Power Required11.5kw11.5KW14.5KW
Paperboard thickness3 or 5 layer paperboard3 or 5 layer paperboard3 or 5 layer paperboard

 Details of The Machine                                                                                                            

Automatic carton folder gluer machine

Feeding section 

Adopt adsorption type belt to feed the paperboard smoothly and continuously.

Automatic carton folder gluer machine

Guiding section 

It can correct deviation of feeding effectively, when deviated box get to guide will be corrected, adjust the left or right side based on the box shape.

Automatic carton folder gluer machine

Folding section 

It folds second and fourth which is the last part of the box forming, box forming is folded by upper pressure conveyor belt, folding knife, pressure roller, pressure bar.

Automatic carton folder gluer machine

Full pressing section 

Pressure connect between main machine and transmission, collect the box orderly and guide the box to conveyor device.

Packaging & Delivery                                                                                                               
Packaging Details:
We usually packed this machine covered by plastic film. 
Delivery Detail:
Within 30 days after we got the deposit.


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