Lead edge feeding Rotary Die Cutting Machine




HD-L R1600

Max. paper size


Min. paper size


Max. die-cutting size


Max. die-cutting pressure


Corrugated paper

8mmmax. thickness

Die-cutting precision


Max. die-cutting speed

120 sheets/min

 Rotary die-cutting machine(Lead edge feeding)

 Lead edge feeding part

lLead edge feed paper refers to the front of the board as the benchmark, the speed of roller feeding is consistent with the speed of the feed shaft. It is not affected by the slitting width error of the cardboard, and the printing and die cutting positioning is accurate

lFour axis roller lead edge feed mechanism, multi wheel, multi-point suction air feeding paper, friction, speed, paper stable and accurate

 lSuction fan, high pressure centrifugal fan has large air volume, can adjust the air volume according to the warping degree of the paperboard, increase the stability and accuracy of the transmission of the thin paperboard and the warp corrugated cardboard

lNon side breakage technology to decrease transmission difference to min degree.


Rotary die-cutting machine(Lead edge feeding)

 Die cutting part

lIt utilizes soft rubber template. Speed differences can be compensated synchronously and automatically.

lOne-off processes of cutting, perforating and creasing can be completed in this machine.

lThe main motor adopts electromagnetic speed adjustment and the die cutter phase is adjusted by computer.

lThis machine comes with a number counter and alarm bell

lThe die cutting cylinder has been plated with hard chrome and treated by balance alignment. Driven by air, it will rise up and kiss the cushion roller when feeding starts, it will automatically go down and leave the cushion roller when feeding stops.


Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
We usually packed this machine covered by plastic film. 
Delivery Detail:
Within 30 days after we got the deposit.

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