• Semi-automatic flute laminating machine
  • Semi-automatic flute laminating machine
  • Semi-automatic flute laminating machine
  • Semi-automatic flute laminating machine

Semi-automatic flute laminating machine


Maximum size1300×1100mm1400×1250mm1500×1250mm1600×1250mm
Minimum size360×360mm360×360mm360×360mm360×360mm
Laminate precision±1mm±1mm±1mm±1mm
Total power6kw6kw6.5kw6.5kw
Overall dimension8.8×1.95×1.5m8.8×2.05×1.5m8.8×2.15×1.5m8.8×2.25×1.5m
Total weight3t3t3.5t3.5t

This machine adopts advanced design to realize high speed continuous work. It is the most advanced, accurate machine of the semi-automatic flute laminating machine. Compared with automatic laminating machine, this machine require less requirements of the cardboard, it is that most of the paperboard can be laminated.

1. Using suction feeding automatic of bottom sheet, according to the main machine operating speed, continuous automatic tracking

2. Entire new concept, front gauge registration, position high accuracy, bottom sheet never exceeds the top sheet.

3. Machine uses touch-screen / PLC control system, the circuit system is stable, and can automatically display the failure alarm

4. The automatic replenishment system of glue can be added automatically during glue losses, and recycling with the glue to avoid loss of waste;

5. The scientific design of the metering roller speed to ensure the glue evenly on the same time, to avoid rejection of glue at high speed.

Semi-automatic flute laminating machine.png

Top feeding unit

The motor blade adopted the world's most advanced similar structure to

 the cutting machine .It is easy to adjust ,transmitting smoothly

 with different types of papers including: double papers Alice papers and

 the papers of laminating varnishing etc.

Semi-automatic flute laminating machine.png

Bottom feeding unit

This unit adopted the  unique electrical transmission structure, ensure the high speed of sheet conveying and accuracy and not deflect. 

The transmitting belt has strong adaptability of the Alice of corrugated paper.

Semi-automatic flute laminating machine.png

Gluing unit:

Using stainless steel glue roller, never rust, after grinding the amount of glue keeps in the minimum to ensure uniform glue, lower roller is use water roller clean.

Semi-automatic flute laminating machine.png

Electrical unit

According to the European CE standard design, to ensure that the whole machine is stable, high efficiency, low failure, combined with the man-machine interface and PLC to warn, detection the fault, operating speed and other information displayed on the screen.

Semi-automatic flute laminating machine.png

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
We usually packed this machine covered by plastic film. 
Delivery Detail:
Within 30 days after we got the deposit.

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